New Concrete Patios in Tiburon CA

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concrete patio tiburonTiburon California, located in beautiful Marin County, just north of San Francisco is known for its beautiful views of the Bay, fun outdoor opportunities and upscale communities. Tiburon homeowners are always on the cutting edge and ahead of the game when it comes to home improvement. They know that every dollar spent to improve their property is a good investment and will pay off in dividends. That’s why many Tiburon homeowners, like you, are getting their old patios replaced with new concrete patios.

Reasons for Getting a New Concrete Patio in Tiburon CA

There are many reasons that you may want to get your old patio replaced with a new concrete patio. Perhaps the old patio has become old and fallen into disrepair: old concrete can crack and lift under roots and decks can rot. Perhaps you just purchased a new property and would like to put in

A New Concrete Patio for your Marin County Home – In Time for Spring

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ross-patio-three-eighth-aggregate-exposed-21-300x224Have you been considering getting a new patio for your home in Marin County? If you call Van Midde and Son Concrete today, you could have a new concrete patio installed at your Marin County home in time to be enjoyed for Spring. It’s easy to imagine how much fun can be had by you and your entire family with a new concrete patio in your yard. You can give your children a solid surface to play and do fun activities on while giving the adults a surface for springtime weekend and dinner parties. Can’t you just imagine firing up the barbecue, or enjoying a weekend lunch at a picnic table on your new concrete patio. You could even lounge in the sun on a chaises, with your new concrete patio reflecting the warmth up at you.

Reasons You May Want a New Concrete Patio

There are a number of reasons that Marin homeowners might want to get their old patio replaced

New Carbon Injected Concrete Blocks

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atlas-blocks-300x198Building Green the publisher of Environmental Building News has announced its annual list of the 10 most innovative products being used in residential and commercial construction. The 11th annual Top Ten Green Building Products awards, announced at the Greenbuild conference in San Francisco, were selected from product reviews on the online GreenSpec guide and the magazine Environmental Building News.

The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

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5-300x300Reason 5 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

Many people commonly confuse the terms “concrete” and “cement,” in many cases using them interchangeably. However, these terms do refer to two entirely different things.

Essentially, cement is a component of concrete; you cannot have concrete without cement. The cement actually binds the other materials found in concrete together.

Cement is not used to create the many dazzling effects found in home landscaping projects around the world, though; that honor belongs to concrete.

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