Thomas Edison Loved Concrete

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Useful Fact 10 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

Thomas Edison – widely considered to be the most important and prolific inventor in modern times – was a major proponent of the properties of concrete.

In fact, Edison created a batch of concrete houses whose properties he regaled to a rapt audience. Edison ticked off many fine qualities of concrete: fireproof, insect proof, easy to clean and so on.

Unfortunately, this was one invention that didn’t work out for the famous inventor.

New Concrete for the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley

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Van Midde and Son Concrete is proud to announce that our firm will be replacing the patio and walkways at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley. This project is very much in alignment with Van Midde and Son Concrete’s mission to improve our community by doing work for organizations that enrich our culture. The Outdoor Art Club is a prime example of a group with a mission to be of service to their community. We hope that all patrons of the Outdoor Art Club will appreciate the new concrete patio and walkway.

Concrete Drainage for Winter

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concrete_drainage_marin_county_CA-300x181Winter is Upon Us! Get Your Concrete Drainage Ready Before It’s Too Late!

Is your North Bay home ready for the rain and runoff that comes with the colder months? If you’re like many homeowners in the area the answer is probably “no“, or “not as ready I’d like to be“. No worries! The team at Van Midde and Son Concrete has all your concrete drainage needs covered. Many North Bay homeowners are in need of new drainage systems for their concrete patios or driveways, but have been putting off starting the project due to cost or wanting the avoid the hassle of looking for the right contractor to hire. Don’t delay any further. You could risk serious damage to your home or property and your stress levels will rise as you try to deal with drainage issues on the spot during a heavy rain. We know you’re savvier than that. You know you need to get this problem taken care of and you need to hire an experienced and reliable contractor to get the job done right.

New Driveways in Marin County for Winter

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mill-valley-driveway-winter-beige-color-with-sand-finish-300x175Recently, Van Midde and Son Concrete has been pouring and finishing many new concrete driveways for our clients in Marin County. With the difficult economic times many Marin County families have been delaying important home improvement projects, putting them off until the last possible second. As a responsible homeowner you know that it would be better to handle certain projects sooner rather than later. That old and cracked concrete driveway is not just an eyesore, it’s a hazard to your vehicles and your family. Get it replaced before it’s too late! Or what about asphalt driveways? Asphalt is made from fossil fuels which leach into the ground after being poured. This is bad for the environment, your home and your family. In addition, asphalt is not as durable as concrete and will only last a fraction of the time that properly maintained concrete can. If you have been putting off getting your old concrete driveway replaced or upgrading your asphalt or gravel driveway to concrete, there’s never been a better time to hire us.

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