Is it time to get your Marin County concrete driveway replaced?

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marin county concrete drivewayCracked, broken and sunken driveways are a common sight in Marin County. If you’re living in a Marin County home that was built in the last half century, the driveway is most likely original with the construction of the house. Time and the elements do a good job of compromising the integrity of concrete driveways. You’ve probably been looking at your unsightly, cracked and worn out driveway for years and if you wanted to get it replaced you may have put off doing for many reasons. However, there are just as many reasons to get your Marin County driveway replaced today. The time to get that old driveway replaced with a new one from Van Midde and Son Concrete is now! Add value and beauty to your Marin County home with a new concrete driveway The best reason to get your old driveway replaced is that doing so will add value and beauty to your home. Your driveway is the first thing that guests see when they come to your home. A cracked and broken driveway gives visitors a poor impression of your property. The first thing that someone

New Eichler Homes in Marin?

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Eichler Marin concreteIf you’ve driven around the neighborhoods of Terra Linda, Marinwood, or Lucas Valley then you are no doubt familiar with the home design style of Joseph Eichler, a mid-century American developer. Recently the Marin IJ printed an article about how home builders are buying new plans for Eichler homes. These plans are drawn up with all of the modern building code specifications, so that new home owners can appreciate the Eichler design along with the latest innovations in building technology. “Monique Lombardelli, owner of Modern Homes Realty in Menlo Park, bought the original drawings to several Eichler floor plans, had them modified to today’s code standards and is selling them for $5,000 apiece as templates for anyone who wants to build a new Eichler.” Now anyone who wants to build a new Eichler today can. So far most of the interest has been outside Marin, with a number of new Eichlers being built in Palm Springs. That being said, there is interest

Fixing Concrete Drainage Problems in Marin County

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slope drain marin county caWinter storms are upon us! The rain that fell upon Marin in the last week led to many calls to the Van Midde & Son Concrete office from homeowners dealing with the aftermath. If you noticed any issues with your drainage during the recent storm we would recommend that you call a professional concrete contractor and get the problem taken care of. Van Midde and Son Concrete has the experience to handle almost any drainage situation that a Marin County homeowner could face.

Problems caused by bad concrete drainage in Marin County

In addition to the inconvenience of having water pooling up around your home, improper or broken concrete drainage can lead to costly property damage. The price of property damage caused by water can be very high for Marin County homeowners.

A New Concrete Patio for your Marin County Home – In Time for Spring

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ross-patio-three-eighth-aggregate-exposed-21-300x224Have you been considering getting a new patio for your home in Marin County? If you call Van Midde and Son Concrete today, you could have a new concrete patio installed at your Marin County home in time to be enjoyed for Spring. It’s easy to imagine how much fun can be had by you and your entire family with a new concrete patio in your yard. You can give your children a solid surface to play and do fun activities on while giving the adults a surface for springtime weekend and dinner parties. Can’t you just imagine firing up the barbecue, or enjoying a weekend lunch at a picnic table on your new concrete patio. You could even lounge in the sun on a chaises, with your new concrete patio reflecting the warmth up at you.

Reasons You May Want a New Concrete Patio

There are a number of reasons that Marin homeowners might want to get their old patio replaced

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