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We like to say that where others would use wire mesh for reinforcing, we will use rebar. There is a big difference between the two. Rebar is the only true reinforcement for concrete. It will help the slab bend while it is under tension and keep it from cracking. If there are soft spots under the slab then the rebar can help bridge these soft spots and increase the strength and longevity of the slab. It is very important when talking to your prospective concrete contractor to ask him if he uses rebar.

If he says no, then you have a contractor that likes to take chances. We don’t want to take the chance with your slab or anyone else’s and that is why we use rebar. Even when the price of rebar was skyrocketing we never changed this philosophy. We say that is cheap insurance. If the total cost of the job is figured, the cost of the rebar will be small when compared to what it gives to the strength of the slab.

We typically use 3/8 inch rebar for most patio installations, 18 inch on center. This means there is a piece of rebar running in both directions throughout the slab. Driveways, depending on the loads that they will have on them, can either have 3/8 inch rebar or 1/2 inch rebar. The 1/2 inch rebar would be used for the driveways that will have the heavy loads put on them. In certain instances we use 5/8 inch rebar for driveways that are going to have extra heavy loads.

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