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Is it time to get your Marin County concrete driveway replaced?

Is it time to get your Marin County concrete driveway replaced?

Is it time to get your Marin County concrete driveway replaced?

Cracked, broken and sunken driveways are a common sight in Marin County. If you’re living in a Marin County home that was built in the last half century, the driveway is most likely original with the construction of the house. Time and the elements do a good job of compromising the integrity of concrete driveways. You’ve probably been looking at your unsightly, cracked and worn out driveway for years and if you wanted to get it replaced you may have put off doing for many reasons. However, there are just as many reasons to get your Marin County driveway replaced today. The time to get that old driveway replaced with a new one from Van Midde and Son Concrete is now!

Add value and beauty to your Marin County home with a new concrete driveway

The best reason to get your old driveway replaced is that doing so will add value and beauty to your home. Your driveway is the first thing that guests see when they come to your home. A cracked and broken driveway gives visitors a poor impression of your property. The first thing that someone should see when they approach your home should be a highly functional and attractive driveway. With the varieties of decorative finishes and styles that are available these days, a concrete contractor like Van Midde & Son Concrete can give you a beautiful new driveway that will impress friends and neighbors alike. New concrete driveways are a great way to increase your property’s curb appeal and add value to your Marin County home.

Spring: The perfect time to get a new concrete driveway for your Marin County home

Spring is the perfect time to get a new concrete driveway installed in Marin. The rainy months are behind us. In addition the weather for the most part remains cool enough so that the concrete won’t set up too fast after it’s poured. This gives the concrete service professionals more than enough time to carefully finish the slab. It also minimizes shrinkage cracks in the concrete. It’s a smart move to get your concrete driveway project completed in the spring or the fall and avoid the heat of the summer and the rain of the winter. Getting your driveway completed this spring will mean that it will be ready just in time for the summertime, when you will most want to have guests over.

Van Midde & Son Concrete Driveways in Marin: Built to Last

Over the years there are many factors that can compromise the integrity of a concrete driveway. Roots can raise it up causing it to bend and bow, the earth around it can sink or shift and the weight of heavy vehicle traffic can also cause the concrete driveway to crack and sink. Many of the driveways that are currently around in Marin were poured in the 1970s or earlier. In those days, steel reinforcement was very rarely used and if anything was added to reinforce the slab it was wire mesh, which only increases the strength of a concrete slab by about 2%. Compacted base rock may or may not have been used to reinforce the foundation of the slab, though it often was not.

In contrast to the old building methods, Van Midde & Son Concrete driveways are built to last for years, and in a way that minimizes cracking and sinking. We begin by excavating and grading the area where your driveway will be done. We regrade and compact the ground under the driveway, remove roots as needed and install and compact base rock as needed. Next we lay at minimum 3/8” rebar, 18” on center for steel reinforcement. We rest the rebar on 2.5” concrete dobies so that the steel will be imbedded in the center of the slab, maximizing its effectiveness. Finally we pour your driveway 5” thick at minimum to give it adequate strength to support vehicle traffic over an extended period of time. With the standards that we build our concrete driveways to, you can expect them to hold up well for over 50 years.

Stop thinking about getting that old driveway replaced and take action. You don’t have to look at that eyesore for another day. Give Van Midde & Son Concrete a call today at (415) 459-2530 or fill out our free estimate form here.

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