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New Concrete for the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley

New Concrete for the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley

Van Midde and Son Concrete is proud to announce that our firm will be replacing the patio and walkways at the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley.

This project is very much in alignment with Van Midde and Son Concrete’s mission to improve our community by doing work for organizations that enrich our culture. The Outdoor Art Club is a prime example of a group with a mission to be of service to their community. We hope that all patrons of the Outdoor Art Club will appreciate the new concrete patio and walkway.

About the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley

Van Midde and Son Concrete could not be happier to have the opportunity to work for an organization with a such a rich and varied history. The Outdoor Art Club is a private, nonprofit women’s organization that was formed in 1902. There stated mission is, “To preserve the natural scenery of Mill Valley and the surrounding country, to beautify the grounds around public buildings, to work against the wanton destruction of birds and game, to encourage the development of outdoor art and to engage in other civic, literary and charitable work.”

The club was founded in 1902, after a group of women were appalled to see redwood trees being cut down in Mill Valley’s town square and wanted to do something about it. So they formed a club to preserve the natural beauty of the area and do charitable work. The club house itself, designed by Bernard Maybeck, was built on November 1, 1904. Maybeck charged $165.37 for the design and the construction itself cost $3,150. Since then the club has done many great acts of charity including taking in victims from the 1906 earthquake. They’ve also continued in the primary mission of conservation which extends beyond the area of Mill Valley to the greater Marin. Today the club has the membership of over 400 women of all ages, proud of the many accomplishments of their club and happy to be such a positive force in their community and the area around it. Visit the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley If you are in Mill Valley and would like to visit a place that is dedicated to the scenic beauty of the area AND has some great pieces from local artists, all presented on grounds with new concrete to be masterfully installed by the team at Van Midde and Son Concrete, then please come and visit the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley. We are sure that you will appreciate the natural splendor of this location and you can also soon be able to enjoy walking on a brand new concrete patio and walkways installed by Marin County’s finest concrete firm.

Ted Van Midde

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