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Van Midde and Son History

The Van Midde Family has been involved in the concrete industry in Marin County for over 50 years.

Ted Van Midde started working for Shamrock materials in San Rafael in 1956 as a truck driver. Six months after starting Ted was moved to the sales force, which was a total of one person, him. Ted gained experience by being out in the field selling to contractors that were building the first major developments in Marin county. It was not unusual for Shamrock to open at 6 in the morning and make concrete till 5 or 6 at night. The old trucks they used were World War 2 Vintage Trucks converted into redimix trucks. Shamrock’s technology grew and so did the sales force and equipment. Redimix trucks went from carrying 3 or 4 yards at a time to 8 yards. They were specifically made now to carry concrete, which weighs 154 pounds per cubic foot. 8 yards of concrete weighs 33,264 pounds. Ted started taking classes in the making of high quality concrete, he is the first in Marin to study concrete and concrete technology and put them into use. He joined the Northern California / Western Nevada chapter of the America Concrete Institute.

He would later become the President. He was always proud to say that he was probably the only member that had not graduated from college. He may not have graduated from college but he was able to design concrete mixes for all types of uses. He even designed the mix for the Cancer center at Marin General Hospital, which used lead shipped in railroad cars and added to the trucks at the batch plant.

Ted was a visionary in the use of flyash. Flyash is a by-product of the coal industry. It is a material which is taken out of the furness before it gets to the atmosphere. It was determined that the powder from coal dust could be added to concrete and make it easier to finish and it even helped with the drying and strength qualities. It was a win – win. The coal companies needed a way to dispose of the Flyash and the redimix industry was eager to use a product which made their product better. Flyash is now put in concrete mixes regularly and is one of the reasons why concrete is considered a green building material. Ted had no idea at the time that the mix he designed for the Cancer unit of Marin General would become a part of his life.

Ted was diagnosed with lung cancer in early 1990. He was able to get treated using radiation in the Cancer unit. Unfortunately they were unable to cure him of his cancer and he passed away in December of 1991. When he died he had put on computer discs over 3000 mix designs that Shamrock still uses to this day.

Ted Van Midde lll, the owner of Van Midde & Son Concrete, started doing concrete work after he graduated from High School in 1979. He went to work for a friend of his Fathers that owned Carcano & Velcich. Carcano & Velcich had been around operating in Marin since after World War 2. At one time during Marin’s building hey-day they employed over 50 journeymen finishers and laborers. The company was only 10 to 15 employees when Ted went to work for them.

Ted lll learned the basics of concrete work from seasoned veterans of the industry. Starting out as a laborer, Ted went from pulling nails and cleaning lumber and running a jackhammer to running the business. After working for the company for 11 years he started his own business in July of 1991. The times were tough then and both construction and the nation’s economy were down, but with hard work Ted was able to take a business with 1 employee and turn it into a company of 30.

Ted III has always prided himself on the fact that he does good work. We want every concrete job to be something that we could use as a reference. Every customer is important and we take no less pride in the small concrete jobs as we do in the big ones. The crew and company of Van Midde & Son Concrete are skilled in all of the newest techniques in concrete installation. We can build concrete walkways, patios, driveways, counter tops and do them to the highest of industry standard. One call to Van Midde & Son Concrete and you will know that you are talking to people that are experts at what they do.

We can help in the design and construction process. Van Midde & Son can also help your project be value engineered, by that we mean we can help you save money by doing only what is necessary. Eliminating some expense that other less experienced companies would not know about.

Van Midde & Son Concrete has an experienced sales team.

Along with Ted lll, Scott Foster is there to help estimate and run the jobs that he sells. Scott has been friends with Ted lll since they were little kids growing up in Woodacre, CA. Scott joined the company back in 2000 and has been involved in every aspect of the business.

The crew of Van Midde & Son are some of the best trained in the industry. They can take a project from start to finish and work with the homeowners or contractors on any changes. Van Midde & Son is also experienced in the installation of Interlocking Pavers. We take pride in saying that we install them to a higher standard then the industry recommends. For 20 years we have been changing the front yards and backyards of Marin County homes with new pavers. That experience will give you comfort in knowing we can do your concrete job right.

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