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Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco Concrete Work

Rebar Installation

We like to say that where others would use wire mesh for reinforcing, we will use rebar. There is a big difference between the two. Rebar is the only true reinforcement for concrete. It will help the slab bend while it is under tension and keep it from cracking. If there are soft spots under the slab then the rebar can help bridge these soft spots and increase the strength and longevity of the slab. It is very important when talking to your prospective concrete contractor to ask him if he uses rebar. If he says no, then you have a contractor that likes to take chances.

Grading and Excavation

In some cases contractors cheat and ignore the foundation. Instead of making sure the dirt beneath the pad is properly graded they throw gravel and baserock into the base. Not only does that add to the expense it still does not provide the stable base that a well graded and compacted soil does. That is why it is important to select the very best in concrete creation.

Concrete Pouring

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Concrete Forming

Van Midde & Son has expert craftsmen that can set up forms for practically any purpose. We can form the simplest of patio slabs to the most difficult of walls. Knowing from experience that setting up the forms is almost as important as making the pour we spare nothing when it comes to this important part of the process. The tools we use along with the techniques are unmatched in our local market. Our crew can handle the task of formwork and show what we mean by doing the job right.

Concrete Finishing

Concrete can have a variety of finishes, from steel trowel to stamped textured. Van Midde and Concrete are experts in finishes of concrete and can take a client’s dreams and make them a reality. Concrete can be exposed to allow for the sand or gravel in the concrete to show, also called antiquing the surface to make it look like something mother nature has done to an older slab. Years of winters will expose the surface slightly each year and more and more of the cream is removed to expose the aggregate. We can also add colored rock to the slab after it has been poured and float the stones into the surface. This finish is known as seeded exposed.

Cleaning and Sealing

Here at Van Midde and Son Concrete, we offer a variety of concrete-related services; not the least of which is our professional concrete cleaning and concrete sealing service. We give our cleaning and sealing treatments the same amount of care as every other aspect of our job, but it doesn’t stop there.

Concrete Demolition

Are you in need of concrete demolition or excavation services in Marin County, Sonoma County, or San Francisco, California? Do you lack the tools or manpower needed to clean-up or complete your job safely and on time? If so, then you need the help of Van Midde and Son Concrete; and with a highly qualified team of professionals like this on your side, you simply can’t go wrong. We offer both concrete demolition and concrete excavation in all of our services area, and as you are about to find out, we have plenty of experience in both.

Concrete Repairs

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